Pellet Boilers

Biodom pellet boilers,
a smart boiler that takes care of you.

Years of experience, development, testing and dedication in the field of biomass heating systems have made Biodom one of the leading pellet boiler manufacturers in Europe.


Our products are systems of complete combustion of wood biomass, including an automatic ignition and self-regulating automatic pellet feed. With its Biologic technology, the boiler adjusts to the real time conditions and thereby ensures optimal combustion and maximum efficiency.

Eco friendly heating – Biomass

Pellets are environmentally friendly fuel. By using them in energy-efficient ovens, they reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and harmful substances.

High efficiency, low emissions

The energy value of the pellets depends on the type of tree, the water content and the degree of preservation of the wood. Biologic technology recognizes all conditions in the boiler and regulates the operation.

Cheap and easily available raw material

Lighten your family budget and save money! Pellets reduce heating costs by 50% compared to heating oil.

Always warmer, with less work

Heating your house will be carefree and simple with automatic dosing. Pellet heating is fully automated.

Kotli na pelete

sealed fireplace


Highly efficient




Advantages of Biodom's boilers and pellet stoves..

MODERN BIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY – heating the future for maximum efficiency

Biologic technology is a modern approach to the control of heating devices where pellets are used as fuel, as it enables automatic regulation of all parameters depending on the calorific value of the pellets up to the draft of the chimney, and also recognizes the air density.


The Biologic technology constantly automatically changes the parameters to ensure the optimal extraction of energy from the fuel. Biologic technology provides an average of 10% lower fuel consumption at the expense of constant monitoring of combustion and adaptation to current requirements related to pellets, air supplied to the combustion chamber and recognized conditions in the chimney.

Boilers and furnaces with Biologic technology do not require annual service and allow you to save from 10 to 40 % when using pellets for the same amount of energy obtained.


Biodom 21

19,7 kW

Biodom 27 C5

30,8 kW

Biodom 27 A

Self - cleaning
51,6 kw

Biodom 54 A

Self cleaning
51,6 kW

Biodom C15

17 kW

Biodom H20

18,3 kW