About us

We began developing pellet boilers in 1999 and started our own series production and sales in 2004. We started on the Slovenian market and began expanding successfully abroad in 2005. Currently, we export about 90% of our production. With the right approach and orderly organisation, we have been continually achieving excellent results despite changes in the market.

The main virtue of company Biodom 27 is the innovative structural design of products. By considering the laws of nature, our innovative design prevents unnecessary losses of energy and creates optimal conditions for the transfer of heat from flue gases to water. Thus, we try to provide our customers an economical, reliable, quality, and ecological method of heating and comfort.

We focus all our energy on the development of biomass combustion plants. Our ission is based on the value of human resources and the usability of green energy, thanks to which we reduce monthly heating bills. Our vision is to become one of the leading companies on the international market for heating solutions.