Biodom C 15

The Biodom C15 is a system of complete combustion of wood biomass, including an automatic ignition and pellet feed. BioLogic technology represents a step towards higher efficiency and fuel cost savings, while at the same time it protects the environment with low emissions.

Operation is completely automated. For this reason, the furnace achieves a very high combustion efficiency, low emissions, and high fuel efficiency. C15 operation is quiet, as it doesn’t have any additional fans for blowing air into the room. Modern software allows settings and regulation in accordance with your wishes and needs. Due to its automatic ignition and programmable clock settings for a full week, your home heating will always be comfortable. A modern design, new BioLogic technology, simple maintenance, reliability and annual heating cost savings are the arguments that will convince you that Biodom C15 is the real heating solution for your home.


Informação básica:

Potência Térmica: 4,97 – 17,13 kW
Superfície de Aquecimento: 50,00 – 200,00 m2
Eficiência: +93,83 %
Consumo de Pellets: 1,13 – 3,77 kg/h

Informação Técnica:


Superfície de Aquecimento50 – 200 m2
Potência Térmica17,13 kW (4,97 – 17,13)
Diâmetro da Chaminéø 80
Volume de Água42
Alimentação Elétrica230 V / 50 Hz
Bomba de Circulação e Tanque de Expansãointegrated
Capacidade do Reservatório de Pellets55 kg
Consumo de Pelletsmin: 1,13 kg/h, max: 3,77 kg/h
Dimensões A x L x P (cm)122 x 57 x 67
Peso215 kg
Biodom C 15

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