Biodom 27 A

Biodom 27 A is the first Biodom boiler with automatic cleaning and Biologic technology. Biodom 27 A is equipped with automatic cleaning of the burning pot and automatic cleaning of the turbulators. Boiler offers new features, such as; touch screen, that makes the device user-friendly, enabled Wi-Fi control mode and phone connection. This is a product with a built-in latest technology and a newly designed modern exterior.

The boiler achieves exceptional results in combustion and low emissions, thanks to additional features and the BioLogic technology. In addition to the five-stage power adjustments, based on heating needs, the BioLogic technology ensures constant automatic adjustments of operating parameters for an optimal combustion of fuel. Furthermore, it allows detection of current flue flow, air density, and pellet quality, thus ensuring that combustion is within optimal parameters at all times. The Biodom 27 A boiler has 2 mechanisms for automatic cleaning. One for cleaning the burning pot and the other one for turbulators. That makes customer cleaning necessary only once per 1 ton of pellets. With its built-in pellet reservoir of up to 180 kg, the boiler can ensure heating autonomously throughout the week. And with its ease of use and maintenance it provides comfort throughout the heating season.


Basic information:

Thermal power: 7,9 – 26,9 kW
Heating surface: 80,00 – 350,00 m2
Efficiency: +92,00 %
Pellet consumption: 1,80 – 6,20 kg/h

Technical information:


Specifications BIODOM 27AValue
Heating surface80 – 350 m2
Thermal power26,9 kW ( 7,9 – 26,9 kW)
Flue gasses tube diameterØ 80
Air tube diameterØ 60
Boiler water quantity72 L
Watter connectionsDN 25
Power supply220 – 230 V 50Hz
Pellet reservoir capacity180 kg
Pellet consumptionmin 1,8 kg/h – max 6,2 kg/h
Dimensions H x W x D (cm)143 x 91 x 65
Weight271 kg
Biodom 27 A