Biodom 27 C5 (DF 34)

The reliability of the Biodom 27 C5 boiler is the result of many years of investments into the development of biomass heating systems and practical experiences in their installation and maintenance. Biodom 27 C5 is a system of complete combustion of wood biomass, including an automatic ignition and pellet feed.

The purpose-developed control system allows continuous control over all set parameters and automatic adjustments of power, which ensures an optimal heat efficiency and therefore additional savings in the annual cost of heating. The daily-weekly pellet storage is integrated into the upper section of the boiler, which uses a motorised drive, attached to the top of a screw conveyer, to feed the fuel into the furnace made from a special alloy that can handle high temperatures in the combustion chamber. We therefore achieve perfect combustion, clean flue gases, and a long service life of the boiler. Quality construction, modern exterior design, exceptional customisation, and reliable operation are just a few of the features that provide comfort, safety, and savings.


Basic information:

Thermal power: 8,60 – 30,80 kW
Heating surface: 80,00 – 450,00 m2
Efficiency: +92,00 %
Pellet consumption: 1,90 – 6,80 kg/h

Technical information:


Specifications for BIODOM 27 C5 Value
Heating surface 80 – 450 m2
Thermal power 30,8 kW (8,6 – 30,8 kW)
Efficiency +92%
Flue gasses tube diameter Ø 80
Boiler water quantity 74L
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Pellet reservoir capacity 180kg
Pellet consumption min 1,9 kg/h – max 6,8 kg/h
Dimensions H x W x D (cm) 141 x 91 x 66
Weight 275kg