Biodom 27 E

Biodom 27 E offers a concept of economical operation with an advanced integrated regulation that automatically adjusts parameters and ensures that combustion is within optimal and controlled ranges at all times, with a high level of efficiency due to the option of uninterrupted and controlled operation within a modulation range from partial to nominal power.

The result is a reduced and controlled use of fuel, lower emissions and less harmful gases, even at different pellet quality. Automatic ignition and regulation are fully controlled by the microprocessor that checks value at all times – temperature of flue gases, primary and secondary air, and the negative pressure in the furnace firebox, and always ensures optimal combustion. The boiler provides modern technology that meets all environmental regulation requirements and fulfils all expectations of the installer and user. Modern exterior design, simple maintenance, reliable operation, and annual heating cost savings are all arguments that will undoubtedly convince you.


Basic information:

Thermal power: 8,60 – 30,80 kW
Heating surface: 80,00 – 450,00 m2
Efficiency: +92,00 %
Pellet consumption: 1,90 – 6,80 kg/h

Technical information:


Specifications for BIODOM 27 E Value
Heating surface 80 – 450 m2
Thermal power 30,8 kW ( 8,6 – 30,8 kW)
Efficiency +92%
Flue gasses tube diamete Ø 80
Boiler water quantity 74L
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Pellet reservoir capacity 220 kg
Pellet consumption min 1,9 kg/h – max 6,8 kg/h
Dimensions H x W x D (cm) 156 x 105 x 69
Weight 290kg